Woman enters her NINTH hour watching Groundhog Day, unaware it’s on a loop

A local woman is entering her ninth hour watching the DVD of Groundhog Day she borrowed from her best friend, blissfully unaware that it is playing on a repeat loop.

Starring Bill Burray, Groundhog Day chronicles the life of a reporter doomed to live the same day over and over. And it’s this key element that has left Fayth Darby on her couch for nine hours whilst the movie has been looping again and again.

‘I love Bill Murray but I’d never seen Groundhog Day so one of my friends lent me her copy. I’m enjoying it but it’s starting to get a little repetitive. I didn’t realise it’d be this long either,’ said Fayth.

Now in her sixth viewing of the film, Fayth is certain that the movie is reaching its inevitable conclusion.

‘It’s going to be one of those dark Bill Murray movies where he kills the groundhog at the end, isn’t it? Don’t tell me though, I’m pretty sure it’s almost over.’

Is Fayth doomed to repeat her mistake over and over? Only time will tell.