Woman hopes to impress friends with new ‘I don’t need to impress anyone’ attitude

A local woman has checked her Facebook feed ten times in the last minute to see how many likes she gotten on her status claiming she isn’t going to try and impress anyone from now on.

Lindsey Wheeler, 29, has often been accused of coming across like she constantly needs positive affirmations from other people. But that, she says, is a thing of the past.

On her Facebook page she wrote: ‘I’ve finally realised that I don’t need to impress anyone. If you like me, good, if not then it’s your loss.’

Since posting the above status, Lindsey has been frantically refreshing Facebook to see just how many of her friends have liked it.

As of right now, only three Facebook friends have liked the status. One of those was Lindsey’s mother, whilst another was a misclick.

‘I really thought people would like my new attitude. Maybe I should take the status down and post it again later when more people are online,’ she told us.