Woman just three spiritual posts on social media away from total enlightenment

A local woman might be as few as three spiritual social media posts away from reaching enlightenment, according to our sources.

Linda Street (31) has been hitting Facebook and Twitter hard this year with a series of spiritual quotes, some of which have received as many as FIVE likes. And it’s not just pretty pictures with quotes, there have also been some articles posted about helping other people too.

‘I just feel like the world is becoming a darker place and if I can spread a little light and joy on social media then why wouldn’t I?’ Linda told us.

One article Linda posted about helping the homeless struck such a chord with her that she very nearly went out and joined a charitable organisation who help feed and clothe the homeless.

‘I was so close to actually volunteering my time, but I’m pretty busy with all the spiritual and charitable stuff I need to post to social media.’

And our source at the Spiritual Center of Social Media has confirmed that Linda is nearing the end of her quest for enlightenment.

‘It won’t be long for Linda now,’
said Brae Wardlock. ‘Just a few more posts and we’ll send her a special button to press on Facebook that will give her peace, love and happiness for the rest of her life.’

‘I can’t wait,’ admitted Linda. ‘It’ll really show all my friends who I know are rolling their eyes when I post something about accepting everybody. Fucking jerks.’