Woman reveals her inspiring struggle against a torn blouse

Before going through the door of her office building at 7:56 in the morning, Rachel Lansbury pulled down the front part of her blouse to adjust it on the shoulders. She heard the sound of the material ripping near her left armpit, but due to the lack of a mirror and the presence of her co-workers, she was unable to assess the damage.

After arriving at her floor, she directed her nervous steps to the office bathroom with her phone in her hand.

The blouse rip seen around the world.

The blouse rip seen around the world.

‘I knew right away that this is something I need to take a photo of and send it to my girlfriends,’ Rachel explained.

In the bathroom it became clear that she would need to spend the rest of her working day with her arm glued to the left side of her body.

‘It was a struggle not only because it was uncomfortable. I had to keep the blouse moved slightly to the left to hide the hole under my armpit, not always successfully; and believe me, it didn’t look pretty at all!’

The blouse was purchased only three years ago at one of the retail giant Zara’s stores and, allegedly, has not been washed often. This would mean that the material shouldn’t have been worn out. We tried to contact Zara for comment about durability of their clothes, but surprisingly no one was available to talk to us.

Rachel seems to be holding up during this time of stress and her upbeat attitude is proving to be an inspiration to women around the globe.

‘Sometimes life just tests your spirit like that. I’m trying to stay positive, I’m just glad that I wore my fancy bra today.’

#MyBlouseDoesNotDefineMe is now trending worldwide.