Woman’s plan for frugal month instantly shattered by clothes store sale

Alice Brierly’s plans for a frugal month have been instantly scuppered after walking through town and spotting her favourite clothes store had a sale on.

It was supposed to be the start of Alice getting her finances back on track after an expensive few months. She had set a budget she was determined to stick to; a budget that was easily broken within the first four days of the month.

‘I don’t know what happened. I just wanted a quick little walk around town to buy a coffee and maybe some lunch, then all over a sudden I had four bags of clothes in my hand and £350 of extra credit card debt,’ said Alice, who was (to be fair) wearing a smashing new blouse.

Alice, 24, had planned to only spend £300 on extraneous items this month and her lavish spending spree leaves her in a financial hole.

‘I think I’m going to have to skip food for a couple of days a week. That might not actually be a bad thing though because of the the pairs of skinny jeans are a little skinnier than I had hoped.’

Beyond a financially forced intermittent fasting diet, Alice also plans to visit The Bank of Mum & Dad on Sunday.

‘They’re the only bank open on a Sunday and I’m pretty sure, at this point, all they spend money on is new plants and cushions. I’m sure they won’t mind spotting me a couple of hundred. Especially after I dazzle them in one of my cute new outfits.’