World’s worst book club still on the same book after hundreds of years

A book club has been dubbed the ‘worst book club in the world’ after admitting they’d been stuck on the same book for hundreds of years.

The club calls themselves St. Peter’s Parish and they meet every Sunday to discuss a book that none of them seem to be able to get a handle on called ‘The Bible’.

‘It’s such a confusing book full of contradictory advice, plot holes, red herrings and weird time jumps. We don’t want to move on to a new book until we truly understand this one,’ said one member.

The group discuss the book as best they can and even enjoy singing songs about the tales within.

But numbers at St Peter’s Parish are rapidly dropping. The group used to be hundreds strong with members indoctrinating their children into the book club. Now though they only number thirteen.

Member Vick Orr told us, ‘With interest in the group dropping, we might be forced to abandon this book and move onto the next one on our list. Hopefully it’s a little less dense and easier to follow. It’s called “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy.’