Wow! Scientists discover an entirely new number between 10 and 11

A small team of scientists are celebrating today after discovering a previously never before seen number.

The number, which is currently being referred to as ‘stexen’, was discovered after the team placed a list of written word numbers under a powerful microscope. Stexen was hiding between 10 and 11 and is being considered a vital part of the foundation that makes up double digit numbers.

‘We couldn’t believe it when we saw it. The table of numbers has remained unchanged for so long that a lot of us thought it was a futile search. But if you look really closely between 10 and 11 you’ll see that there is an entirely new number,’ said Dr Numah Rology of the Bournemouth Science Institute.

The discovery could have far reaching implications in the fields of both mathematics and physics where the new number could go a long way to answering some previously unanswerable questions.

One physician told us: ‘This is perhaps the most important scientific discovery since Stephen Hawking figured out how to turn off autocorrect on his voice generator.’

The research will now be poured over by several other teams of scientists. If the data is confirmed then stexen could become an official number within months.