Zebras should be more careful around watering holes, says lion

A controversial lion has claimed that zebras need to be more careful around watering holes and that it is their fault they’re being attacked by lions.

Lionel The Lion expressed his views today during a discussion on Zeb Talk which received a record number of complaints.

‘You zebras go down to the watering hole, drink too much, dress in those provocative stripes and then we lions attack you. What did you think was going to happen?’ said the lion to gasps from the audience.

‘That’s not our fault, we’re just doing what comes naturally to us. You zebras have got to be more careful about the situations you put yourselves in,’ continued Lionel.

And social media was quick to hit out at the lion with both #NotZebrasFault and #NotAllLions both trending with thousands of mentions.

Lionel has refused to apologise for his controversial comments and has already been offered a position on Fox News.