Billie Joe Armstrong asks for five more days after being woken up from September-long sleep

Fans have woken up Billie Joe Armstrong (aka the guy from Greenday) from his epic September-long sleep, per his instructions, only to be told he needs five more days.

Mr Armstrong left instructions to the entire world to wake him up when September ends as this is when he likes to enter an Odinsleep state to fully recharge from a year of not being an American idiot.

‘It’s incredibly tiring to fight my natural instinct to be an American idiot. I have to work hard to remain well-read and up-to-date on current affairs while touring and producing new music. So, once a year, I need a long nap.

‘Thankfully, my friends and fans always wake me up on October 1st and I feel great,’ Armstrong told us.

Thousands of Greenday fans hold a vigil outside Mr Armstrong’s house in September, playing soothing music to help him sleep. Then, once it hits October, they all sound their phone alarms to wake up the singer.

But, this year, Billie Joe has asked for five more days as a lie-in because it’s been such a difficult year. Something we can all relate to.

‘I wouldn’t blame him for staying in bed until 2020 ends,’ said one fan.