Dirty Dozen forced to split into two groups to comply with new COVID-19 guidelines

The Dirty Dozen have been forced to split into two separate groups to comply with the latest government guidelines in the battle against COVID-19.

The commando team must be split in two to halt the spread of COVID-19 within the unit, according to the latest government edict.

‘These men are filthy. They’re called the Dirty Dozen for a reason. If we don’t separate them into at least two teams, they’re all going to catch the coronavirus and some might die. Not much of a Dirty Dozen if there’s only one of them left,’ said General Dogsbody.

The unit is already considered controversial as its made up of some of the most dangerous criminals that America has to offer, in part of a joint venture with Britain.

‘They’re white though, so they don’t have to go to prison,’ said the General.

Names have yet to be decided for the two smaller groups, although it’s believed they’re both arguing other who gets to be the Sullied Six and who has to be the Hygiene-Challenged Half-Dozen.