‘I didn’t want to cause panic; not when we already have Muslims, Mexicans and Antifa trying to kill us all,’ says President Trump

President Trump knew that COVID-19 was deadlier than than flu back in February, but avoided mentioning this as he didn’t want to panic Americans who were already dealing with swarms of killer Muslims and Mexicans.

According to a new book by Bob Woodward, the man who broke the Watergate scandal, President Trump was very aware of how serious COVID-19 was before it hit America.

‘It’s more deadly than the flu, but less deadly than those damn Muslims and Mexicans. Americans have enough on their plates right now. I don’t want to worry them with this. I’ll deal with it privately and no-one will even know anything,’
Trump told Woodward back in February.

Instead of warning the American public about the coronavirus, President Trump decided to downplay it so as not to cause panic.

‘If there’s one thing I hate, it’s causing panic. This nation has enough anxiety with Muslims, Mexicans, Antifa and the Democrats all trying to ruin the country,’ he said.

The strategy seems to have worked for Trump as almost 200,000 Americans report feeling considerably more relaxed than they did this time last year.