Man wins Nobel Prize in Physics for inserting a USB drive the right way round first time

A man has been awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics after he successfully inserted a USB drive into his laptop the right way round on his first attempt.

It takes the average person 6.3 attempts before they can properly insert a USB drive, the physics of which is still uncertain and unexplainable.

‘There are only two possible ways to realistically insert a USB drive into a slot, yet it takes most of us multiple attempts. It’s an interesting conundrum, one that science is still yet to solve,’ Dr Eggerton-Headingley told us.

But Stephen Idle, 41, could be the key to unlocking the secrets of the mysterious workings of the USB drive.

‘I just slid the USB in and it slotted in correctly right away. I couldn’t believe it. I was just lucky that my webcam was turned on and recorded the event,’ said Mr Idle, winner of the Nobel Prize.

Scientists are now studying the footage and hope to have USBs cracked shortly before they become obsolete.