New prison officer hired to guard Ghislaine Maxwell

A mysterious new prison officer by the name of Ince Pandrew has been hired to help guard Ghislaine Maxwell and to make sure she doesn’t fall victim to foul play.

With concerns that Ms Maxwell may try to take her own life or be targeted by an assassin, Ince Pandrew has joined the effort to keep her safe.

Little is known about Pandrew other than he used to serve in the Royal Navy and has already earned compliments from other prison staff for his cool nature.

‘He’s been thrown in at the deep end on this case and he’s keeping remarkably cool. I’ve not seen him sweat at all,’
said one unnamed staff member.

Officer Pandrew is personally keeping a 24-hour watch on Ms Maxwell and has allowed other prison guards time off.

‘Officer Pandrew’s a swell guy. He’s given us the next couple of days off and said he’ll take care of Ms Maxwell himself. He’s a real prince among men,’ said one guard.

Rumours that a helicopter is being kept running outside the prison to enable a quick getaway are unsubstantiated at this time.