Paris Hilton dead after turning off ‘big noisy fan’ on helicopter

Paris Hilton has been found dead after she switched off the ‘big noisy fan’ on the helicopter she was a passenger in.

Hilton, the pilot, and two other passengers were declared dead at the scene of the crash that is thought to have been caused by the celebrity.

Police investigated the scene of the crash and were able to recover a black box recording of final moments of the flight.

‘You can clearly hear Ms Hilton complain about the “big noisy fan” on the helicopter, which we believe is in reference to the propeller. There was then a commotion and the pilot yelling something at her.

‘The engine cut out completely and wouldn’t restart. We believe the helicopter spiralled before crashing to the ground, killing everyone on board instantly,’ said a police spokesperson.

Friends of Paris Hilton are now mourning her death and sharing memories about her over social media.

‘She’s trending on Twitter, this is exactly what she would have wanted,’ said Kim Kardashian.

While Lindsay Lohan tweeted, ‘She died doing what she loved: something completely idiotic.’