Photos emerge of new Labour leader Keir Starmer talking to known terrorist

The Daily Mail has uncovered disturbing photographs that seem to show Keir Starmer, the new leader of the Labour Party, talking to a known terrorist and anti-semite.

The pictures appear to show Sir Keir Starmer talking with Jeremy Corbyn, one of the biggest threats to Britain since shell suits.

With the wall behind them an ominous shade of blood red, the Daily Mail is certain that Starmer and Corbyn are up to no good.

‘Starmer and Corbyn are plotting no less than the downfall of the Conservative government. These are not the sort of patriotic men we need right now amid a crisis. Whatever happened to unity?’ the article asked, one page before slagging off the EU.

Keir Starmer claims that he remembers being at the event, but not being part of the conversation with Jeremy Corbyn.

‘He does tend to drone on though, so I might have just switched off,’ he confessed.