Prince Andrew thanks Dominic Cummings for making his excuses seem plausible

Prince Andrew has today publicly thanked Dominic Cummings for making his oddball excuses seem comparatively believable.

While Prince Andrew claimed he had a medical condition that prevented him from sweating and that he spent most of his free time in a Pizza Express in Woking, those excuses seemed positively plausible compared to those of Dominic Cummings.

‘I’d like to extend my gratitude to Dominic Cummings for making my excuses seem normal and reasonable. I mean, going on a thirty-minute drive to test your eyesight? Really? Who does he think he is, my dad?’ laughed Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew has displayed his gratitude by sending a fruit basket to Dominic Cummings’ home in Islington.

The fruit basket is currently sat outside the doorstep as no-one has come out to collect it.

‘It appears like the family’s in Durham again,’ one neighbour told us.