Queen confesses to cheating on Prince Philip with Stormzy

Queen Elizabeth II has left the world reeling after admitting to cheating on Prince Philip with Stormzy last year.

The shocking confession came during ‘Royal Table Talk’, the Queen’s hit YouTube show in which she chats informally about matters important to her.

Prince Philip was the special guest of the day and the pair offered a full and frank discussion about their marriage.

After half an hour of the couple going back and forth about the ups and downs of their relationship, Queen Elizabeth II dropped the bombshell.

‘This is difficult for one to say but last summer, while you were in hospital, I found comfort in the arms of another man,’
she confessed.

‘No. Don’t tell me…’ Prince Philip replied.

‘One needs to get this off one’s chest. It was Stormzy. He rang as soon as you were taken unwell. One doesn’t say no to Stormzy when one has the opportunity,’ said the Queen.

It was at this point the discussion became x-rated and our reporter passed out from the obscenity of it all.

Sadly, YouTube has since taken down this episode of ‘Royal Table Talk’ for gross indecency. No known recordings remain.