Royal Family arranges relaxing trip through Paris tunnels for Prince Andrew

The Royal Family has clubbed together to arrange a relaxing car ride through the tunnels of Paris for Prince Andrew.

The trip was arranged after news broke that Ghislaine Maxwell had been arrested by the FBI due to her connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew had enjoyed a friendship with both before Epstein’s unfortunate ‘suicide’.

‘It’s always deeply upsetting when you find out that two of your closest friends were kingpins in a huge paedophile network. He needs a break from all of this,’ said one royal source.

Prince Andrew will be flown to France where he will enjoy the sights, sounds and solid concrete that only the tunnels of Paris can offer.

A suitably alcoholic driver with a history of severe depression has been booked to act as Prince Andrew’s tour guide.

One can only hope the trip is a smashing success.