True architect of government’s downfall spotted outside 10 Downing Street

The puppet master behind the government’s latest woes was spotted outside 10 Downing Street today with a Cheshire grin adorning his face.

While some believe that the government’s undoing has been caused by historic levels of incompetence, Daily Squat can reveal that there is one tom who has been behind chasing the rats out of 10 Downing Street: Larry the Cat.

Originally brought in by David Cameron during his premiership, Larry was left behind to wreak havoc on those who betrayed his fallen master.

With a carefully leaked on document here and a tattered policy there, Larry has quietly set to work undermining Theresa May’s government every step of the way.

‘That darn cat is always one step ahead. We’ve been made to look incredibly foolish by that feline but we can’t get rid of him. The British public wouldn’t stand for it,’ said one minister.

It’s believed that Larry won’t stop until Theresa May has been removed from her position as prime minister.

May has already reported waking up to find a rat’s head next to her in bed so her time may not be long.