U.S. lockdown to be extended permanently, rest of the world decides

The rest of the world has agreed that the U.S. lockdown should be extended permanently, no matter the outcome of the coronavirus outbreak.

A permanent lockdown would mean no people going in or out of the United States of America, something that is considered to be a plan with no drawbacks for the rest of the world.

‘We feel that the rest of the world would be better off without Americans coming and going into other nations. They’re carriers of disease and ignorance,’ said one world citizen.

While another told us: ‘America isn’t sending it’s best people to us. Or, if they are, it’s a sad indictment on their education system.’

A global motion to extend the U.S. lockdown permanently passed with a Putin-esque 94% of the vote.

The permanent lockdown will not affect American sports and their ‘world championships’ whatsoever.