WWE to debut millennial-based character The Ultimate Worrier

WWE is set to debut a brand-new character called The Ultimate Worrier on ‘Monday Night Raw’ that will embody what it is to be a millennial.

While most WWE characters are loud and brash, The Ultimate Worrier will spend most of his time in an anxiety-induced panic attack caused by all manner of problems.

‘We’re always looking to create original and relatable characters and we think The Ultimate Worrier will strike a chord with our audience, many of whom are old enough to know they shouldn’t still be watching wrestling,’ said a WWE spokesperson.

Rather than rushing to the ring to beat up an opponent, The Ultimate Worrier will slowly saunter down the aisle while checking his phone for the latest terrible piece of news.

He will be in his head so much that he’ll barely be able to muster any offence against his opponent, becoming little more than a punching bag.

It is being called the most realistic character WWE has introduced since The Undertaker.