Boris Johnson breaks 100m record running away from Keir Starmer

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sensationally broken the 100m world record while running away from Sir Keir Starmer and his line of questioning.

Shortly after another Prime Minister’s Questions in which Starmer used his experience as a lawyer to dissect Johnson’s lies, Boris was seen running away while shouting ‘Fuck this for a barrel of monkeys!’

One onlooker managed to time the Prime Minister and claims that he ran 100m in just 9.21 seconds, smashing Usain Bolt’s previous record of 9.58 seconds.

‘It was like watching a fat lightning bolt streak across the ground,’ said the onlooker.

In a rare display of stamina, Boris didn’t stop at the 100m mark. He kept on running all the way out of Westminster and his staff don’t know where he ended up.

‘We don’t know where Boris is and we have no way to contact him as he’s switched his phone off. It’s like being one of his children,’ an exasperated aide told us.

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