Boris Johnson invites Keir Starmer around for a ‘nice cup of tea’ from his Russian collection

Boris Johnson has invited Sir Keir Starmer into his home for a ‘nice cup of tea’ with no ulterior motives whatsoever.

Johnson believes that he got off on the wrong foot with Starmer and Sturgeon and that a sit-down chat with a cup of tea would give them all a chance to make a fresh start.

‘Sometimes things get heated in the political battlegrounds and we forget that we all want what’s best for Britain. That’s why I’m inviting Sir Keir around to mine so we can sit out back and enjoy a nice cup of tea and a chat,’ said Johnson.

Boris Johnson, who recently received a shipment of special tea from Vladimir Putin’s personal collection in Russia, says there is no ulterior motive to the chat.

‘Absolutely not. This is just a friendly chat. I will give him the antidote after he agrees not to be so mean to me. Bugger, don’t print that last bit,’ he told us.

Starmer has yet to accept the invitation, although many of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters within the Labour Party are urging him to go.