President Trump books next month off to visit all his friends in prison

President Donald Trump has booked off the entirety of next month so that he can visit all of his friends in prison.

Trump will travel all over America so that he can spend time with some of his closest friends in prison, including Ghislaine Maxwell and Steve Bannon.

‘President Trump has felt increasingly lonely and isolated in recent months after witnessing some of his closest friends and confidants end up in prison. He wants to take a little time to visit his friends and recharge his batteries so he can come roaring into the presidential campaign,’ said one aide.

Trump originally planned to take just a one-week holiday but a little number crunching quickly made him realise that wouldn’t be enough time to visit all of his incarcerated friends.

‘With how many there are and how they’re dotted around the country, it just wouldn’t be feasible to visit them all in a single week,’
said the aide.

While Trump could pardon his friends, he feels that doing so would be an abuse of power.

‘That’s what he says but I think he’s just saving his wrists for golf,’ said the unnamed aide.