Chocolate teapot to be placed in charge of Brexit

A chocolate teapot has been placed in charge of Brexit after research found it would be considerably more useful than the current shower of shite running the show.

Emissaries will listen closely to the chocolate teapot and divine its will in the hope that it will be able to find an agreeable solution to the Eton mess that is Brexit.

While the method is hardly scientific, it can’t be much worse than the way Britain is currently attempting to solve the Brexit crisis.

‘It’s an unusual approach but one we have to take, at this point,’ said one politician.

Much like leaving it to the politicians, the chocolate teapot will leave behind a large brown mess, only the teapot’s effluence will be considerably more palatable.

If successful, a chocolate teapot may be installed as the prime minister.

‘It’d be nice to have a literal chocolate teapot in charge rather than a figurative one,’ said one chocolate loving Brit.