CHRISTMAS HORROR! Baby destroyed after attacking family dog

Two parents have been forced to have their baby destroyed after it viciously attacked the family dog on Christmas day.

The parents left the dog alone with the baby for five minutes whilst they went upstairs to fetch presents. When they arrived back downstairs the baby was attacking the dog, an unprovoked assault that broke all four of the dogs legs.

While no-one in the sad incident can be named for legal reasons, we were able to talk to the parents exclusively.

‘Our boy had never showed any signs of violence before this. He’d snatched the bottle off me a time or two, but that was it. It just came out of nowhere,’
said the mother.

The father said: ‘The first sign of violence towards a dog and you have to put the baby down. It’s upsetting but ultimately we agree with the council’s decision.’

Suffolk Council destroyed the baby on yesterday.

While the dog is expected the make a full physical recovery, experts warn about the mental scars such an attack might cause.

‘He’ll probably never trust babies again, and with good cause,’ said Dr Nutkins.