Driverless car already adapting to BMW drivers never indicating

Driverless cars are already beginning to adapt to the fact that BMW drivers never use their indicators, it’s emerged.

Waymo, Google’s self-driving car, has displayed evidence that it’s altering the way it deals with BMW drivers.

‘Selfish BMW drivers have always been one of the biggest problems for self-driving cars. The AI expects human drivers to act in a relatively rational and safe manner – something that just isn’t true of BMW drivers.

‘But now we’re seeing that the AI is starting to learn how to deal with BMWs. The Waymo can scan the logos of vehicles around it and note if any are BMWs; it will then act accordingly,’ said Kymani Galvan, one of the software developers of the Waymo.

If the Waymo senses a BMW nearby, it will slow down or speed up depending on the situation. If there are two BMWs near it, the Waymo may take further evasive action. Three BMWs and the Waymo will simply pull over and wait for the BMWs to go past.

Four BMWs and the Waymo will self-destruct.

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