Hipster was broke, unemployed, housebound and anxious before it was cool

A hipster is claiming that he was broke, unemployed, housebound and constantly anxious way before it became popular.

While having no money, no job, being stuck indoors and feeling incredibly anxious all the time has become super popular lately, Seed Bellringer says that he’s been doing all of that for years.

‘I’m a trained unicyclist and trout tickler but there’s not much work available for a man of my skills so I’m long-term unemployed. I don’t have a lot of money so I have to stay in my apartment most of the time. My situation in life has caused me endless anxiety. Basically, I was doing a lockdown before it was cool,’ the 36-year-old told us.

Seed believes that the world has stolen his lifestyle from him and ruined it.

‘I used to be a unique individual. Now everyone’s living like me and learning weird, completely unmarketable skills. It’s the worst. I think I might finally give my dad a call and see if he can get me a position at his investment firm,’ said the dejected Bellringer.

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