Man told he has only eight hours to live decides to watch ‘Predator’ four times

A man who was told by his doctor that he only had eight hours left to live decided to spend his remaining time alive by watching ‘Predator’ four times.

Terry Legend, 39, was stunned by the news after he went in for what he thought would be a routine medical.

‘I thought that maybe my blood pressure would be a bit high or something like that. I never expected to be told I was going to die that day,’ he said.

Despite the shock, Terry quickly planned out what he wanted to do with his last eight hours of life – watch the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic ‘Predator’ four times.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 47 minutes, Terry had to put his foot on the gas to make it home in time to get a full four viewings.

He made it with minutes to spare and quickly slipped in his copy of the greatest action movie ever made.

It was then that something remarkable happened.

After Terry’s fourth and final viewing, he expected death to come at any moment - only it didn’t.

‘I waited and waited but I was still breathing and felt completely fine. I can only imagine that “Predator” is such an amazing movie that it healed me of all sickness and made me feel alive again,’ he told us.

Terry’s doctor hasn’t yet had the heart to tell him he was reading the wrong file.

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