The Beatles remove ‘Eight Days a Week’ from circulation after learning there’s actually seven

The surviving members of The Beatles have agreed to remove their hit song ‘Eight Days A Week’ from circulation after learning that there’s actually only seven.

The song will now be pulled from all music streaming services and removed from any future pressings of their ‘Beatles for Sale’ album.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have even gone so far as to ask fans to burn any physical media with ‘Eight Days a Week’ on.

‘This is an incredibly embarrassing incident for us. When I was writing the song with John, we couldn’t remember if there were seven days in a week or eight and we didn’t have Wikipedia or anything to check with,’ said Paul.

‘It was mainly my fault because I insisted there was an eighth day called ‘Hymday’ and we were all so smacked up on drugs that no-one debated me,’ said Ringo.

Music fans are now busily scanning for factual inaccuracies in the entirety of Coldplay’s back catalogue.