‘I’m not paying £15 a month more tax,’ says Tory voter who’ll soon pay £400 a month for medical insurance

A man who won’t vote for Labour because he doesn’t want to pay £15 more in tax WILL vote for the Conservatives meaning he’ll soon be faced with a £400 a month bill for medical insurance.

Simeon Holden, 44, believes that Labour’s tax plans are completely unfair.

‘I’ve done the calculations. Under Labour, I’d have to pay about £15 a month more in tax. I already pay more than enough tax. That’s simply not fair,’ he complained.

Simeon, who is diabetic and currently gets free insulin on the NHS, will instead be voting for a party that intends to sell off the NHS to private American companies.

‘I don’t have any issue with that. The NHS is in a real state right now. It could use a new direction,’ Simeon told us.

That new direction will likely mean Simeon will have to spend £400 a month on medical insurance that doesn’t even cover anything.

‘Anything to save £15,’ said Simeon, standing firm.