Two found guilty in the tragic birth of James Corden

A man and a woman have been found guilty of the tragic birth of James Corden, despite claiming that it was an accident.

The couple were found guilty of the tragic birth of British ‘entertainer’ James Corden and sentenced to a lifetime of scornful looks and being publicly tutted at, the harshest punishment Britain has to offer.

While the couple, who we can’t name for legal reasons, claimed the horrific incident was merely an accident, that didn’t hold water with the judge.

‘Condoms, birth control and abortions all exist for a reason. James Corden is that reason,’ said Judge Bread.

The majority of the British public was pleased with the ruling, although many wished for tougher sentencing.

‘The birth of James Corden was a crime against humanity and should have been treated as such. We need tougher sentences to stamp out this sort of thing,’ said one angry Brit.

Corden, whose ability to laugh at celebrity’s jokes has made him inexplicably popular in America, has been unavailable for comment.