Woman perfectly capable of sending regrettable texts without alcohol

A local woman doesn’t even need to have been drinking alcohol for her to send deeply regrettable texts, it’s emerged.

While most cringe-inducing texts are sent under the influence of alcohol, Hayley Banks is entirely capable of sending them when she’s completely sober.

‘Something just comes over me when I have a phone in my hand,’ claimed Hayley. ‘My thumbs move quicker than my brain and suddenly I’ve texted an ex-boyfriend that I miss him or messaged my boss telling her to fuck off.

‘The worst one was when I accidentally sent my dad a series of nudes. They were not tasteful.’

Hayley, 28, believes that all phones should come with an opt-in filter that holds back texts after initially sending them and then asks if you’re sure you want to send them an hour later.

‘That would have saved me a lot of hassle,’ she admitted.