35-year-old woman FURIOUS after NOT being asked for ID when buying alcohol

A woman in her mid-thirties has revealed her unbridled rage after a supermarket REFUSED to ask her for ID when purchasing alcohol.

Stephanie McCall, 35, visited her local ASDA to purchase a couple of bottles of wine for the weekend.

When she went to the checkout, Stephanie expected to be asked for ID as part of the ‘Challenge 25’ check where anyone who looks like they might be under 25 is asked for ID.

However, Stephanie was stunned when the checkout worked scanned the wine through without so much as a second thought.

‘Why aren’t you asking me for ID? Are you saying I look old?’ Stephanie yelled, according to witnesses.

Stephanie was then said to smash the wine bottles on the floor whilst screaming ‘I’M STILL YOUNG! ID ME! ID ME!’ as she was escorted off the premises by security guards.

Ms McCall is now suing ASDA for age discrimination and calling for the ‘Challenge 25’ scheme to be scrapped in favour of a ‘Challenge 45’ one.