BBC apologises for doctoring image to make it look like Boris Johnson created God

The British Broadcasting Corporation has issued a full apology for doctoring an image to make it appear that Boris Johnson created God.

A mix-up in communication has been blamed for the error after BBC News ran a story that Boris Johnson had created God using a doctored image of Michaelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’ as proof.

The headline story ran on BBC Ten O’Clock News, BBC News 24 and the BBC website before eagle-eyed viewers spotted the error and demanded an apology.

‘We apologise for this error and will do everything we can to investigate the matter which we believe to be a mix-up in communication,’ BBC News posted to their Twitter feed at 2 am.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg was quick to point out that it was simply a mistake and there were no sinister intentions behind making Johnson look good.

‘The sinister stuff won’t be run until a week before the election,’ she confirmed.