Englishman dies after drinking twenty cups of tea in a tragic underdose

An Englishman has been found dead after drinking twenty cups of tea in a twenty-four period in what medical experts are calling a tragic underdose.

Peter Williams, 28, was found dead in his flat after he’s believed to have drunk twenty cups of tea over a day.

The cause of death has been stated as an underdose.

‘Twenty cups of tea in a day is simply not enough to quench the thirst of any Englishman or woman. We need two cups an hour, every hour – even when we’re asleep – just to survive,’
said Dr Tetley.

Peter’s friends and family are devastated at the loss.

‘I never suspected he had a problem. I wish he’d have reached out to us. I’d have been happy to make him tea if he needed help,’ said his grieving mother.

Peter will be cremated and have his ashes put into a tea urn. The urn will be placed in the centre of the town in which Mr Williams lived as a reminder to everyone to drink more tea.