Chris Grayling backs Tony Blair to be the next Tory Party leader

Conservative MP Chris Grayling has today officially backed Tony Blair to become the next leader of the Conservative Party and the new PM.

The transport secretary believes that Tony Blair is the right man to lead the Conservative Party into the future.

‘I’ve never met him but I’m always hearing good things from my colleagues about how he shifted politics to the right and how to helped get David Cameron elected. What more could we want from a leader?’ asked Grayling.

‘His first name sounds like “Tory” too. That’s always a boon.’

Despite the backing, there are no indications that Tony Blair has any interest in leading the Conservative Party.

‘I already did that once. We called it New Labour back then though,’ Blair smiled.

Sources close to Tony Blair say that he’s quite happy earning millions of pounds as an advisor to the Saudi government – one of the few governments that makes Britain’s seem benign.