NASA announces discovery of poop on Uranus

After announcing that they had found more water on the moon, NASA also quietly revealed they had discovered poop on Uranus.

While reporters were harrumphing over the moon news, NASA quickly and quietly announced their other discovery to avoid snickers from the press.

A probe finally reached Uranus and found a brown streak that’s at least a thousand miles long that scientists can only conclude is a massive skid mark.

‘Water on the moon. Poop on Uranus. That just about sums up today’s space news,’ said one NASA employee.

It’s not yet known how or why there is so much poop on Uranus. It could be a massive alien using the planetary surface as toilet paper or that Uranus oozes poop up from the core and through the crust.

Either way, the discovery makes it less likely than ever that anyone will ever want to visit Uranus.

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