Twitter replaces Conservative MP Ben Bradley’s blue checkmark with a penis

Twitter has unverified Ben Bradley after the Conservative MP said that free meals for children were the same as handing over £20 to a crack den or brothel.

The checkmark has been replaced by a blue dick, something that Twitter believes is a more appropriate denotation for Ben Bradley.

‘Even we think he went too far with that one and we’re Twitter! Have you seen some of the hateful drivel on our site?’ said Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Ben Bradley, the MP for Mansfield, is furious over the new icon next to his name on Twitter and is considering closing his profile on the social media giant.

‘I’ve been called an arsehole; I’ve been called a bellend; I’ve been called a flag-shagger, a Thatcher-shagger, a Boris-bumboy; I’ve been called a heartless cunt, scum and a twat. And that was just by my mum.

But no-one has ever put a blue penis next to my name before and I’m not going to take it!’ he told us.

Other Conservatives could face similar denotation on Twitter, although aides believe that Boris Johnson would take having a blue penis next to his name as a compliment.

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