COVID-20 could be one deadlier, suggests Dr Nigel Tufnel

The controversial Dr Nigel Tufnel has suggested that COVID-20 could be on the way and that it might be one deadlier than COVID-19.

The former guitarist and current medical man believes that COVID-19 could just be the tip of the viral iceberg.

‘People seem to be under the belief that COVID-19 is the be-all and end-all of pandemics but what if there’s a COVID-20 on the horizon that makes COVID-19 look like COVID-18?’

When pressed on what he’d expect to see from COVID-20 he told us, ‘It’d be one deadlier,’ and let that prospect linger in the air. He then pointed at the handy skeleton printed on his sleeveless shirt and explained how it might affect the human body.

‘Badly, I suspect,’ he said.

Dr Nigel Tufnel is currently writing a thought-provoking book about COVID-19, as well as other viruses, under the working title ‘Taste My Disease’.