Dido Harding writing resignation letter in Microsoft Paint

Dido Harding is penning her resignation letter in Microsoft Paint following the disastrous failure of the NHS Test & Trace system.

The debacle has been blamed on the database, which ran on Excel and quickly reached its capacity, causing updates to fail.

Nevertheless, Ms Harding has decided to stick with outdated technology used incorrectly when it comes to writing her resignation letter.

‘I could use Microsoft Word but I find typing to be tedious. Drawing the letters by hand is much more fun. Plus, I can draw some pictures on the letter too. Boris prefers pictures to words,’ said Ms Harding.

The resignation will be kept short and sweet, due to the nature of MS Paint. It will be so short that even Boris Johnson will be able to read it in under a day.

‘Giving me plenty of time to get started on my new Beano annual,’
he told us.