El Gato and Larry meet to discuss knocking Brexit off the table

Larry the Cat and El Gato will meet today at 10 Downing Street to discuss plans to knock Brexit off the table.

Two of the most powerful figures in British politics will meet today for the first time in an attempt to solve the Brexit crisis.

While Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have a fireside chat over a cup of tea and jam scones, Larry and El Gato will be doing the real work.

‘We’ve left the humans in charge for too long. It’s clear that Brexit will take some feline finesse to solve,’ purred El Gato.

It’s most likely that El Gato and Larry will knock Brexit off the edge of the table altogether, but not before pissing all over Theresa May’s plan.

‘I wouldn’t line my litter tray with that plan,’ admitted Larry.