Fire-type boxer destroys grass-type opponent in complete mismatch

A fire-type boxer completely destroyed his grass-type opponent in what viewers have described as a ‘shambolic mismatch’.

Rory Flamebroni made short work of Cogon Vine, knocking out his opponent four times in two rounds.

Viewers of the fight were left wondering how Vine’s trainer could justify leaving a grass-type boxer in to withstand the punishment from a fire-type fighter.

‘Fire beats grass. That’s one of the very first match-ups everyone knows. Vine’s trainer should have switched him out for a water or rock-type boxer,’ said one disgruntled viewer who’d paid £20 to watch the fight at 3 in the morning.

Vine’s trainer claimed that he thought his charge was sufficiently levelled to make up for the mismatch in types.

‘Cogon was three levels higher than Rory. I thought that’d be enough to make up for his blows not being effective. I was wrong. It’s back to the drawing board for us. This isn’t the last you’ve heard from Cogon Vine; I’ll continue to poke him on to greatness,’ said the trainer.