Man kicked out of zoo after checking penguins’ arses for jokes

A man was forcibly removed from Chester Zoo today after he jumped into an enclosure and was caught checking out penguin’s arses ‘to see what jokes they had’, according to reports.

Denny Mills, 37, had to be removed from the zoo by several members of a security team after he was seen picking up penguin’s and staring at their arses.

As security dragged him away, eyewitnesses report hearing him complain that he only wanted to look at the jokes.

‘We believe the individual thought that the penguin chocolate bar stole the idea to have jokes on the backside of the packaging from actual penguins,’ zoo director Richard Tuskin told us.

‘He’s just lucky they don’t have jokes on the back of Lion Bars,’ he continued.

Denny will not be permanently banned from Chester Zoo, although it’s expected that the penguins will give him the cold shoulder.