Gareth Southgate offers to train Germany on how to take penalties

England manager Gareth Southgate has offered to train Germany on how to take penalties, extending an olive branch between the two nations ahead of their Euro 2020 second-round match.

Southgate, who has taken a penalty in an extremely high-pressure situation, wants to share his experience with Germany.

‘There has always been a massive rivalry between England and Germany throughout history. I think it’s time we buried the hatchet though and learned to work together.

‘To that end, I’m going to volunteer my services in training German players on how to take penalties. Hopefully our second-round match isn’t decided at the end of ninety-minutes, but it always pays to train taking penalties,’ Southgate told the press.

Southgate went on to share his penalty taking technique with the rest of the media.

‘The key is to overthink it. Make yourself really nervous before the run-up. Change your mind multiple times on where you’re going to kick the ball. Then, kick the ball as hard as you can about six inches either side of the keeper.’

Germany have so far declined Southgate’s generous offer.

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