Scotland demands referendum on forming Great Britain football team

The Scottish FA has proposed forming a Great Britain football team alongside England and Wales.

Rather than England, Wales and Scotland going it alone in major tournaments, the Scottish FA believes each nation would be better served by joining forces.

‘England has a lot of talented footballers, Wales has Gareth Bale, and we’ve got…what we’ve got. It just makes sense that we all join forces. Together we’re better than the sum of our parts,’ said the chief of the Scottish Football Association.

Under the Scottish FA proposal, Scotland would hold a referendum on whether they would join the Great Britain football team or not. England and Wales would have no say in the matter.

The latest opinion polls show that 90% Scottish football fans approve of the idea of a Great Britain football team, while the rest were too depressed to answer.

If a referendum goes ahead, Scotland believes that the newly allied football team should form as soon as possible.

‘Preferable while the Euros are still going on,’ said one fan.

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