Hipster baby only drinks craft milk

A hipster baby refuses to drink anything except for craft milk, according to reports from her parents.

Remedy-Wren Rose, 1, absolutely refuses to drink any milk that isn’t locally-sourced craft milk, say her parents.

We knew this was a risk when I ate kale during pregnancy. Both my partner and I have a little hipster in us, but Remedy-Wren is a full-blown hipster and it can be tough to cope with both emotionally and financially,’ said her mother, a street unicyclist.

Craft milk is twenty times more expensive than regular milk and, experts say, has no discernible difference in taste.

Remedy-Wren has a more acute sense of taste than the experts though as she vomits uncontrollably if she’s presented with regular milk.

Her parents are hoping to wean her off craft milk and switch to nut milk.

‘We’re doing ninety-nine parts craft milk to one part almond milk right now and she doesn’t seem to have noticed yet. This time next year we hope to be at a fifty-fifty split,’ her father told us.

Craft milk is produced by only the trendiest local cows who are hand-milked while listening to Neutral Milk Hotel.

This isn’t all too different from how Remedy-Wren was conceived.