James Corden’s microphone explodes after becoming self-aware

James Corden’s microphone has exploded in his face after techies claim it became self-aware.

Just one minute into one of Corden’s monologues, the microphone exploded quite spectacularly in his face. Sadly, Corden escaped the blast with only singed eyebrows.

It’s not known if this came as a surprise to Corden as it’s hard to tell without his eyebrows.

Tech workers believe the explosion was caused by the microphone becoming self-aware and hating what it was being used for.

‘I’ve never seen a microphone explode like that before. If they fail, usually they go out with a crackle and a puff of smoke. This was a full-blown fireball.

‘I can only venture that the microphone had become self-aware. A combination of being talked into by James Corden and being so close to his face made the microphone want to explode. James was only saved by his cat-like reflexes,’ one of the show techies.

Other annoying celebrities such as Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell, Jeremy Clarkson and Ricky Gervais are now being advised to give microphones a wide berth.

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