Jeremy Corbyn claps back at Rachel Riley with crude t-shirt

Jeremy Corbyn has clapped back at Rachel Riley’s t-shirt by wearing one of his own with the Countdown presenter stood next to the letters ‘TNCU’.

Rachel Riley recently posted a picture to social media of her wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Jeremy Corbyn that had been Photoshopped to say ‘Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour’.

Today, the Labour leader shot back with a t-shirt of his own.

‘I know Rachel’s better at numbers than she is with letters and words but I think she can still figure out what I think of her,’ said Corbyn.

Corbyn went on to say that he would make the t-shirt available for the public to purchase, with all proceeds going to those who now feel guilty about knocking one out to a raving lunatic.

‘I still don’t feel guilty about it,’ proclaimed u/man_with_shorts on Reddit.