Jose Mourinho ‘close’ to picking new player to develop an irrational hatred of

New Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho claims that he is already close to picking one player on the team to have a deep and irrational hatred for, a key component of his management style.

The former Chelsea, Real Madrid, Chelsea again, and Manchester United manager says he is light-years ahead of where he usually is at this stage of taking over a team.

‘There’s a lot of talent on this team and a lot of players who’d be easy for me to hate. I already have a strong idea of who I’m going to single out to make their lives a misery and tear the team apart,’ Jose told the press.

Mourinho didn’t want to give away which player he’d be driving away from the club in about a year’s time but was willing to provide a clue.

‘His chin already annoys the fuck out of me,’
he said with a dour smile.